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Humboldt City Schools host senior brunch to help students prepare for life after high school

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Humboldt City Schools hosted a senior brunch where organizations, city, and school leaders gave encouraging words and tips to follow to those seniors that are preparing for the next chapter in their lives.

“Make sure that we send them out with the tools they need to be successful,” said Janice Epperson, the Superintendent of Humboldt City Schools.

The Humboldt City Schools Superintendent explains why they wanted to host this event for the seniors.

“So, making sure they know what’s available here and also reassuring them that there is a panel of people that they can come back and talk to, and we can help lead them in the right direction,” said Janice Epperson, the Superintendent of Humboldt City Schools.

The Vice Mayor of Humboldt was also at the event and talks about how important discussing career options are and getting the seniors registered to vote.

“Learn about different jobs and then they can make a choice to either go to college or vocational school. And, registering them to vote as citizens and getting them out there. Letting them know how important their vote is as well,” said Leon McNeal, the Vice Mayor of Humboldt.

One of the students describes what was most impactful to her from the program.

“I think the most important thing we need to take away from this is ‘just to do it. It may be hard, you may be depressed, you might have anxiety, you never know. Just do it, just doing it is successful enough,” said Aareonia Johnson, a senior.

Another student says the event was very inspirational.

“The motivation is what touched me the most. As we get ready for graduation it’s really important that each of us have the motivation to push us to get ready for the real world,” said Terrance Taylor, a senior.

Humboldt City Schools’ graduation will be May 20th.

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