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Humboldt city and school officials host press conference about fatal shooting at high school

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - In Gibson County, a press conference was held to discuss the fatal shooting at a local high school.

Humboldt city and school officials held a press conference here at the Medical Center detailing the fatal shooting that happened Tuesday night at Humboldt High School.

School officials say extra counselors are available for the students and law enforcement talks about what’s next for the suspect.

“It will be my mission as the DA to make sure that Jadon Hardiman never walks as a free man again,” said Frederick Agee, the Gibson County District Attorney.

At the press conference, the Gibson County District Attorney says he plans to prosecute this case to the full extent of the law.

Police say Jadon Hardiman allegedly shot and killed 21-year-old Justin Pankey and injured two others Tuesday night at a Humboldt High School basketball game. The DA also addressed the Pankey family.

“I also want to let the victim’s family know that our hearts go out to them. They are in our thoughts and our prayers,” said Agee, the Gibson County District Attorney.

The superintendent at Humboldt City Schools talked about security measures in the future at athletic games.

“We talked about what’s forthcoming and how we are going to look into what they call go fan. It’s an opportunity for students to purchase tickets for the game and no cash be on campus. If you do not have a digital ticket, you can’t get in. Also, it gives us a rooster of everybody who is in the building,” said Dr. Janice Epperson, the Humboldt City Schools Superintendent.

The superintendent also says they plan on heightening security because they need to have some way of detecting weapons.

Humboldt Mayor Marvin Sikes ensures that the community is safe.

“I just want to let our citizens know that you’re safe. Our people are still out there working. They work 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our police officers and first responders are here to make sure you’re safe,” said Mayor Marvin Sikes, the city of Humboldt.

The district attorney says additional charges may be filed against Hardiman pending further investigation and he will have a preliminary hearing.

Jadon Hardiman is in the Gibson County Detention Center.

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