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Humboldt business see boost from West Tennessee Strawberry Festival


It's West, Tennessee Strawberry Festival Week in Humboldt, and that's providing a huge boost for local businesses!

“It was the biggest week of the year. We love seeing new faces as well as old friends that come back around," said Tammy Causey the owner of the Coffee Shop.

"It's a lot of business for us. So, we try to embrace it as much as we can,” said Zach Hamilton of Milano's Pizza.

“Having the festival, you know, really helps us, you know, in terms of, you know, getting it’s profile out. It’s name out there," said Scott Kenna owner of the Kandy Bank.

The Coffee Shop, Milano's Pizza and the Kandy Bank are all business on Main Street in Humboldt. They say the festival is the biggest week of the year for Humboldt.

“People come from out of town to come to the fest. Like everyone, I know, like in Memphis, they even know about the festival. So I'm sure there's more a lot of people that come from all around. So that's a lot like it's a lot of business for us," Hamilton said.

Guy Causey says the festival has a lasting impact, “The great thing is people can get exposed to Humboldt downtown, then they come back later to visit us again. Yeah, that's what we're hoping for.”

The business's have been preparing for the festival for weeks.

Keena says, “It's a big week. You know, we put a lot of preparation into the week and it allows us to you know, run specialty items.”

Milano's is selling shirts and hats, while the Kandy Bank and the Coffee Shop have specialty strawberry items.

Tammy Causey says that the community makes the festival and their business possible, "Small business can't exist without the support of its community, so, whether it's the week of Strawberry Festival or the other, some 300 plus days of the year, it's important and it's vital to our business, our community support.”

“The big parade is on Friday, but the festival continues all throughout the rest of the week.

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