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Hub City Youth Health Expo Empowers Future Generations

JACKSON, Tenn. - The third annual Hub City Youth Health Expo brought children from different summer camps together at North Parkway Middle School.

This year’s theme is “Nothing for Us Without Us”.

The event features games and activities, visits from local organizations such as United Healthcare and West Tennessee PBS, educational sessions, and a keynote speaker.

“If somebody tell you I cannot succeed something, don’t believe it and succeed it.”

Ronald Moore is a fourth grader and football player.

He is a wide receiver on his school’s football team, and dreams about being an NFL football player.

His favorite football team is the Tennessee Titans.

“We learned about if someone tries to bring you down, you should always believe in yourself because they’re not the person that wants you to succeed.”

Moelena Sanders is also a fourth grader going into fifth grade.

She dreams about being a reading teacher and aims to get the best grades she can.

She wants other children her age to believe in themselves too.

“It feels very exhilarating… I feel that we are all reflections of one another, so when I’m shining my light, they are able to shine theirs as well, so when I see them basking in their passion, and being their true authentic selves, it just amplifies my desire to keep going.”

Keynote speaker Shante Pink is thrilled her life story has been able to inspire our future generations.

She is just as inspired by the children as they are inspired by her.

Pink not only is a young adult and youth specialist, but a model as well.

Just like the children, she is going after her passions and dreams.

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