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How to protect yourself from gas thieves


With high prices at the pump, some have resorted to stealing gas right from other people's gas tanks, leaving many to wonder, how can I prevent this from happening to me?”

In the past you would hear stories of people syphoning gas from cars, but most modern cars have built in protection to prevent syphoning. However, that hasn’t stopped thief's who have found a new way to steal gas.

“Here’s a typical gas tank, they are coming in, they are drilling a hole in the gas tank, they are letting you gas out into their container… have your gas and be gone in less than 3 minutes instead of the old way of trying to siphon it out,” said Mitch Upchurch the service manager at Auto Tech Service Center in Jackson.

Upchurch said the repair is costly, “You have to replace your gas tank, there's really no way to repair that tank. It actually has to be replaced. It could lead to a repair bill in excess of $1,000.”

Sheriff John Mehr said they haven't gotten any reports of people stealing gas in Madison County, but the department is asking citizens to be on the lookout, "Neighbors take care of their neighbors. Watch anything you see unusual. If you go to a parking lot to grocery shop or something and you see somebody doing something unusual report it, it doesn't hurt to report it…let's be good citizens, you know, help each other.”

Upchurch said to be mindful of where your car is parked, “If you're if you have a garage parking vehicle in a garage, parking, a well-lighted area, if you have an opportunity to put it in a fenced area, when you're out at different locations, you just want to make sure that your vehicle is protected at all times.”

Sheriff John Mehr says that as gas prices continue to rise the threat of people stealing gas will too.

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