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Housing Market Expected to Expand in West Tennessee with Arrival of Two Major Manufacturing Plants

JACKSON, Tenn. - West Tennessee is soon to be the home of Blue Oval City and the newly announced 6K Energy battery plant.

With the arrival of both major mega campuses, housing in west Tennessee is expected to see a major expansion.

“Manufacturing growth drives the economy in west Tennessee. When we announced companies like we did yesterday with 6k Energy, Blue Oval City is under construction. That fuels the need for more housing development in west Tennessee.”

Greater Jackson Chamber CEO Kyle Spurgeon is personally seeing how both of the manufacturing companies are already affecting housing.

After Blue Oval City was announced, people from all over have been starting to move to the area.

Now with the announcement of another mass facility, more population growth is expected, following with a naturally higher housing demand.

“And developers, home builders, anyone that’s in that business… they have to risk capital before they put a house up. This type of growth that we’re seeing makes Jackson and west Tennessee a better place to risk that capital to build new homes.”

Spurgeon explains that developers and home builders believe construction of homes and neighborhoods is worth it when communities are growing.

Spurgeon believes that the communities that build more new homes will benefit the most from Blue Oval City and 6k Energy.

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