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Hope Café "Day of Giving Hope" Fundraiser


Hope café and barbeque served up food and hope at this years annual fundraiser.

Marcie Hendrick the founder of Women of Hope says, "We are just excited today to see all that’s going on here and we just thank the lord for the’s to help women in the cycle of addiction.”

Women of Hope is a year-long rehab program. During the program, the women work at the Hope café.

The Day of Giving Hope fundraiser today raised funds to continue the program. This is the 11th year of the fundraiser, “We usually did a gala but we’ve been doing day of giving hope, because of the covid," says Hendrick.

Kristie Butler the Director of Women of Hope went through the program and now helps others in the program, "At first I was only staying 30 days… and I’ve been here for almost 8 years I’m the director of the program, so I stay there with the ladies.”

Kristie says she enjoys helping the women through rehab, "They come in hopeless, broken and it’s just telling them that I’ve been there and that they can get through it also…because we all have the same goal to be clean and sober.”

This fundraiser is one of the ways that women of hope continue to operate, "I feel so humbled. I can’t even believe it when I look around and somebody comes and gives you a donation because that’s the only way, we can make it," says Hendrick.

The Hope café is open throughout the year to continue to support the women of hope program and generate a source of income for the women in the program.

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