Holiday COVID Spike

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

The omicron variant quickly swept the United States and is now in all 50 states. Due to holiday traveling and gatherings health officials are worried about a drastic increase in covid cases in the next month.

To prevent further spreading of this variant the Regional Director of Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department Kim Tedford encourages residents to continue getting vaccinated stating. “The reason that, that is so important is because the more likely people are vaccinated. The less likely it is to infect somebody. When the virus cannot get into somebody and infect them, that’s when we’re going to see the virus go away.”

This Jackson resident Romana Tharpe is fully vaccinated. She is a caretaker of two and of high risk herself. " I take care of my husband. My son has asthma and he’s on allergy shots, and I just want to make sure I keep myself healthy so I can take care of my family."

Residents like Romana are terrified as cases continue to rise and new regulations from the center of disease control allow asymptomatic patients out of quarantine after only 5 days. Doctor Fauci says the adjustment is mostly due to worker shortages. Doctor Anthony Fauci (U.S. Chief Medical Advisor) “We want to make sure, that particularly for essential workers that you get people out there much sooner.”

But will the shorten regulations put people of high risk like Ramona Tharpe and her family at risk is the question many are wondering today.

Makayla Davis

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