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Historic First Baptist Church will continue their NYE Tradition, Virtually

Every year on new years eve, members who attend Historic First Baptist Church look forward to ‘watch night’ service. According to Pastor Watson, it is one of the traditions of the baptist church.

“It became something we look forward to each year as we look forward to what God is going to do afresh in the new year, said Pastor Watson.

At a watch night event, churchgoers gather in a sanctuary a few hours before midnight for church service.

“And so it’s an exciting time just to get together to have closure if you can have what is closure.”

But as covid cases continue to rise, that service looks a bit different for Historic First Baptist church this year.

“well, this year, we are going to do a virtual watch night, of course. with the rising numbers and the safety of our local community.”

The church that is over 150 years old will stream a 7:30 and a 10:30 on Thursday night.

Even though this is a yearly tradition that Pastor Watson and members look forward to, it was not a tough decision to close out 2020 virtually.

“For us, we just did not see the significance in joining people together, even in such a number that could create opportunity for spread or even sickness.”

According to Pastor Watson, he and members are grateful that technology allows them to have watch night service. However, it has cost the congregation to give up a few things.

“Something we pride ourselves on is sharing, hugging, shaking hands. Plus, we also had breakfast right after, and we fellowship with other churches, and so we are going to miss that this year,” said Pastor Watson.

Viewers can stream The New Years’ Eve Service on Facebook or the church’s website.

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