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Highway 70-yard sale kicks off early for some sellers and treasure seekers


A nearly 20-year tradition in Tennessee just goes to show that one mans trash is another man's treasure. The 19th annual highway-70 yard sale officially starts Thursday but some sellers have already started selling their treasures for people to find.

This year I had, twice as much, bigger than I’ve ever had and I’ve still got more stuff and I’ve still got stuff to bring out…start earlier and sell more, " said Charles Harris.

Harris has been participating in the highway-70 yard sale for over 10 years. He says he continues to do his sale at 59 Quitedale Dr because he loves meeting people, I had a lady from Tupelo, Mississippi who texted me and said ‘when are you gonna set up? I’ll be there and I told her I was going to be set up last Friday and she was here. And I’ve got people like that come from all around, come here to buy stuff.”

Houses, businesses and individuals have yard sales and booths set up between Memphis and Nashville. Many of the yardsales can be found on the google map link but not all of the sites are on the map. Charles shares why so many people hit highway-70 for the sale.

People like to get a bargain and I just think that’s what drives it…and you know you have so many going up and down the road, you can drive all day and hit hundreds of yard sales," Harris said.

The highway-70 yard sale officially runs Thursday through Saturday but the deals have already begun.

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