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Highlights from February's City Council meeting

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The City of Jackson held its February city council meeting today. During that meeting, the council discussed many topics ranging from the American Rescue Plan to compensation for the mayor and the city council members.

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger talks about the American Rescue Plan and how it will impact the community.

“Look at a Love Your Block grant for an example, normally that process would be ‘hey, we’ve gone to the community, and we’ve had all these meetings, surveys and this is what the need is. Then when we ever get the funding then we will work on the needs. Now with the American Rescue Plan and having that community impact piece then we can say these are what the needs are, here’s the funding for the needs so we have an immediate impact,” said Mayor Scott Conger, the city of Jackson.

The council also tabled the discussion on compensation for the mayor and council members until May.

"I think our council is very hesitant on approving any pay raise before we know if we can give our employees the raises that they deserve,” said Mayor Conger.

The recommendation from the council was to increase the mayor’s salary to $136,500 with a two percent increase until 2027 and council members would be paid $350 per meeting.

“In terms of the council pay, I think a significant recommendation is that we move to attendance basis pay so if you attend you get paid, if you don’t attend then there is no compensation for that,” said Paul Taylor, city council member, Jackson.

City council member Paul Taylor also talks about the needs of the Jackson Transit Authority and include the authority in the city budget process.

“We are going to try to start incorporating them in our city budge process, where we can know what they are planning so that we can plan accordingly. So, if they need operational assistance to run the system they can share that with us in our budgeting process. We all have equipment needs. They have expressed today that they have some buses with 350,000 miles on them so they have some equipment needs,” said Paul Taylor, city council member, Jackson.

The Jackson Transit Authority has plans to purchase five buses and four vans for the transportation system.

The next city council meeting will be Tuesday, March 1st at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

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