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High food prices are causing issues for local food banks and soup kitchens


With high food prices due to inflation, local food banks and soup kitchens have seen a decrease in donations and an increase in those seeking assistance.

“Financial contributions are pretty steady, but food donations have dropped pretty significantly in the last six weeks or so," said RIFA Executive Director Lisa Tillman.

Mark Cancia of the Jackson Salvation Army said, “Within these last couple of weeks or months where we on average would distribute 25 to 30 food bags, we're doing more like 60 or 70.”

Regional Inter-Faith Association and the Salvation Army of Jackson serve those in the community that are in need.

The Salvation Army has seen an increasing amount of people looking for help, “Because of the food prices and, you know, the lack of food that are on shelves, there are more people that are coming to the salvation army for assistance," said Cancia.

RIFA has seen a drop in donations which is a concern for the organization, “We serve people in a lot of different ways with the soup kitchen and the snack backpack program, our food pantry. And so our food donations are down. Then it could limit the number of people that we can serve through these programs," Tillman said.

RIFA and the Salvation Army say they are in need of more donations, “At this point, donations have kind of plateaued … and so during this time where, you know, we are experiencing some of the effects of inflation, we are asking for those that are able to give to do that so that we might protect some of those people that are in our community that might need our help," Cancia said.

With summer approaching soon mark Cancia says families with children are going to be in need of more food

You can donate to RIFA or the salvation army to help meet these needs on the following websites: and, Or by bringing food or monetary donates to their offices

RIFA and the Salvation Army are asking for assistance to help meet the needs of those in the community.

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