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High Egg prices effecting Latham's in Jackson


An outbreak of bird flu has caused the price of eggs to double!

You could get a dozen grade A egg’s for $1.72 in October, now the average price is more than $3.59 a dozen!

The couple of bucks extra may not cause your budget to crack, but Latham's in Jackson is a different story.

“We go approximately through sixty dozen eggs each day..There's really not been a shortage on them. It’s the pricing that’s, been so high," said Tim Thorne Latham's General Manager.

The new price of eggs hasn’t gone “over-easy” for Latham's- but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at the menu.

“We're going to try to keep the price down without raising it at all. We have just ate the cost over the last three months," Thorne said,

Thorne says they’ve gotten used to price increases over the last few years- but they don’t let it affect their business, “This year’s experience started during covid and then the inflation made things so much worse that you just really be very careful on how you buy. That way, our customers aren't affected as bad.”

Thorne says their suppliers don’t expect the prices to get any better for the next few months.

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