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Helping Hand of Humboldt Gives Hope to the Community

JACKSON, Tn.- Helping Hands of Humboldt is helping the community combat hunger. The organization serves hot meals Tuesday- Friday at noon for those in need. We spoke to a couple volunteers who once needed a helping hand

“Well, when I first came to Helping and Hand in January, I was homeless just like many that walked in and I went from sleeping in a U-Haul to getting a job at Tyson Foods. And I still go The Rock church and worship with them, also every day here. They let me wash my clothes. They let me take showers. Now, six months later, I got my whole apartment and I have a job at Tyson Foods making $20 an hour. And I volunteer here.” said Kimberly Rainey.

Brian Simmons went from being a volunteer to a paid staff member.

“It's been a great transition. We have this place. It's not just a temporary fix as a temporary problem. We like to do long term goals. Well, don't that come in the door. I'm inspired to see how Jasmine has taught us to be a servant of God, to do for the people and to go beyond,” said Brian Simmons.

Helping Hand Supervisor is looking forward to increasing the space to help more people.

“And we're getting ready to expand right now. This whole area has to move to another side of the building. The restaurant portion is going to take over this whole side and what I'm doing, will move, to have access to more food so we can have a bigger space.” said Earnest Ellison Pantry supervisor at Helping Hand.

Helping Hands is also looking for more volunteers and donations to continue to support the community. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with food, clothing, or finances. Helping Hands of Humboldt is located on 810 North 22nd Street in Humboldt Tennessee.

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