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Healthcare professionals recommend families not make own baby formula due to shortage

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - The baby formula shortage is putting a strain on families across the U.S. and many mothers are turning to alternative measures like making their own formula, but some are wondering is that the best solution? 39 News talked to a registered dietitian about the risks associated with making it yourself.

The lack of formula was caused by the voluntary recall by manufacturer Abbott Nutrition.

"When you go to all of the stores within a two-hour radius and can't find what you need and have to resort to other measures it's really stressful," said Katie Miller, mother of twins.

Mothers are now turning to alternative methods like making their own formula and healthcare professionals are weighing in on the issue.

“During this nationwide shortage of formula, we are not recommending that parents make their own formula. You are seeing that on social media. I am seeing that as I’m scrolling, and we highly advise you not to do that. That is harmful to the baby. You don’t want to end up hospitalizing your baby because you’re trying to make formula for your own baby,” said Abby Mays, a Registered Dietitian with the Jackson- Madison County General Hospital.

A Registered Dietitian with the Jackson Madison County General Hospital explains what could happen to a baby if given homemade formula.

“On top of electrolytes imbalances, when you are making, we don’t know if we are using the right measurements, we don’t know if we are typically using the right ingredients so that could lead to caloric intake deficiency, by caloric intake, that means them getting the right calories, the right protein, and the right fluids," said Mays.

The hospital does have some suggestions for families struggling to find the formula.

“We would advise families to find store brands that are comparable to the formula that your baby is on. Another thing would be to check smaller chained stores that maybe not be frequented as much. Less traveled might lead to more stocking options,” said Mays.

This week Congress is expected to take legislative action to address the baby formula shortage and the FDA says the agency is taking a number of steps to increase production.

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