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HARDIN, County. - People in Hardin County are still trying to make sense of the devastation left after several severe storms hit the area. First responders from all over Tennessee were seen out today directing traffic, replacing power lines, and picking up massive debris. Many say that they haven’t seen damage like this in quite some time.

“It started, you know, from Hardin County and went through our whole county. Old Sage Road was hit really hard... and Rose Creek Road and Murray Hill Road, different roads are really hit hard,” says McNairy fire chief Steve Stoll.

Chief Steve Stoll realizes that things will never be entirely the same, but the community is working towards creating a new normal.

“It's going to be a long road to recover that some people will never, ever recover totally from it. But it's very important that we support each other, and the different entities support each other. to make this come together and recover as quickly as we can.”

Electrical lineman T.J. Richardson tells 39 News that he and his crew has been working almost around the clock to get Hardin County back on its feet.

“We get here at about five and we work till midnight all the time. So, from 5 a.m. to midnight, we go home and sleep, come back in the morning.”

Richardson has been a part of the recovery efforts since day one. He understands the importance of unity during times like these.

“We came from Summerville, Tennessee Chickasaw Electric Park, which is fairly close to us. we're only about an hour away, so when something like this happens, it's kind of all hands-on deck with all linemen. That's the way of the trade.”

It's only been days since the storms hit and recovery will take weeks. If you or someone you know has been emotionally impacted by severe weather, you can contact the Natural Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990.

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