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Hardin County Sea of Blue Procession

Savannah, TN (WNBJ)-

Law enforcement from across West Tennessee have traveled here to Hardin County to celebrate the life and legacy of Deputy Matthew Locke. Right behind me you’ll see for miles law enforcement is lined up to begin the sea of blue procession.

For families of law enforcement these events are very difficult to cope with, but it reminds them how close knit the blue family is. Jennifer Childers (Wife of TN Highway Patrol) told 39 News, “being a part of the blue family is amazing. Anytime there’s a death, or just any kind of need. They all pretty much group together and try to support each other, no matter what the need is. It’s pretty amazing, and pretty touching to see how many cars were here tonight.”

With over 250 squad cars from across West Tennessee lined up to support Hardin County Sheriff’s Department many were overwhelmed with emotions last night. Jenny Rowand (Wife of Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement) stated, “it’s absolutely amazing to see the blue lights everywhere. To show this support is absolutely amazing it brings tears to the heart, happy tears here to the heart.”

Deputy Locke’s life will not only be missed by the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department and his family, but also the community. Hardin County residents lined up for miles to pay respects to the fallen hero. Johnny Alexander (Sheriff of Hardin County) informed us, “Hardin County is a really tight knit community. They really support law enforcement here, we’re just so proud of our community. We appreciate all the support they give us.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of processions taking place.

Makayla Davis

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