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Hardin County Community Recovering from Flood Damage

Savannah, TN. (WNBJ)-

The Hardin County community is now recovering from flood damage, after last week severe storms. As you can see behind me some roads are so bad residents can’t even drive through them. Hardin County had several areas hit hard during last week’s severe storms. Emergency Management Director Melvin Martin tells me the county experienced up to 5 inches of rain in just one day. Melvin Martin (Hardin County Fire Chief) stated that, “the major impacts were really just the river bottoms along the Tennessee River. The people who have camper lots have had to move some of their campers out, but that’s pretty common this time of the year.”

The hard rains washed away memories and valuables for some residents including a relative of Hardin County resident Patricia Watts. Patricia Watts (Hardin County Resident) informed us, “I got a sister who was in there. She lost everything she had. Her clothes, her car, her furniture. Everything.”

Many roads are still completely flooded today. Some so bad that the city put up barricades so residents will not drive through them. Melvin Martin (Hardin County Fire Chief) explained, “one of the main roads that go from savannah to Saltillo is coffee landing road. And it’s covered with about 5 foot of water.” The covered roads have caused trouble for many residents in the community commuting to work including Bargain Dave’s employee Kathy Shorter. Kathy Shorter (Hardin County Resident) stated, “well, it impacted me the one day with water up on the road.”

Though the after math of the storms have been devasting for the community, city leaders say there were no casualties. City officials did inform us, they are working to clear these roads, but until that point, they are asking that resident’s find a different route.

Makayla Davis

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