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Hardin County bowling brings home another state championship

Here at the Savannah Bowling Center, a west Tennessee couple continues to use their passion of getting down pins to help Hardin County youth bring home state championships.

When you walk into Hardin County High School, like any other school there is a trophy case.

At most schools it’s filled with various sports trophies here it’s a little different.

Bowling trophies fill the case wall to wall and they are adding more, Both the girls and boys bowling team brought home another state championship this year.

“Once the final ball was thrown. We knew we had it wrapped up pretty early, but just the relief of finally bringing another state championship back to Hardin County," says Hardin County boys bowling coach, David Channell.

David and Jennifer Channell both started bowling at a young age and after buying the local bowling center that opened the opportunity to share the sport with students.

“It was just kind of a natural fit, being in the school system and it was just a good opportunity to share what i love with kids," says Jennifer.

Bowling in Hardin County starts at a young age the elementary schools have teams that teach the fundamentals that prepares them for middle and high school.

The women’s team just won their eighth straight championship, Jennifer says it has a lot to do with the spare.

“We do a lot of spare shooting because in high school bowling it’s not necessarily how make strikes you can throw but who can make the most spares. So, we really focus on that," adds Jennifer.

Now both coaches say they are now preparing for next year.

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