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Habitat for Humanity breaks ground on 105th house in Jackson Area



Today Habitat for Humanity broke ground on its latest home project in West Tennessee.

“Since 1986, we've been able to build 105 homes. And so being able to see those families move out of renting, that's not affordable into their own home where they can make it their home, not just a house, but their own home," said Andrea Hudgins the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Jackson Area.

That’s the mission of Habitat for Humanity is providing affordable housing for families. Hudgins said, “The families we work with are lower income, but they do pay for their house. So we make that affordable to them by being able to grant being able to get people to donate building supplies and being able to come out and volunteer. It's life-changing for these families.”

Habitat for humanity calls the homes it provides "a hand up" not a "handout."

"Our families are not people that are getting a free house," Hudgins said, "They've put 200 or more hours and sweat equity either building their house or doing financial empowerment. They've been able to raise credit scores and do things that most people aren't able to do. So we have a lot of determined families that just want to move from that renter ideal over to their own house that they can put their own equity into.”

Habitat for Humanity Board Member Randy Pierson adds, “The homeowner must qualify financially as well as be willing to pay the mortgage over those however many years it takes.”

The goal is to have the house finished by Christmas so the family can spend the holiday in their new home!'

Those who work and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity say they do it all for the families, "It's amazing when you see the families. We have one family here today that got their home last year and they go from living with relatives and their children and being crowded to a to a real home, a place of refuge and comfort, a place they can be proud of," Pierson said.

Habitat for Humanity can always use a few more helping hands Hudgins said, "We would love to have people come help us out with framing this house as well. Is painting and landscaping towards the end of the year …but what you can do is you can go to our website and be able to sign up to volunteer as well as donate.

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