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GreenPal app helping homeowners connect with lawn care professionals

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - GreenPal is a new app that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals.

The app just recently launched for residents in Jackson.

Homeowners can list their lawns with their service date and lawn care needs.

Vetted lawn care pros can then bid on their properties based on the Google street and aerial images. Residents can then select who they want to work with based on the vendor's ratings, reviews, and prices.

“GreenPal has been described as the Uber for lawn care and it’s the easiest way for homeowners to find, schedule, and pay their lawn guy. I knew if that someone was going to summon a stranger to come to pick them up to take them somewhere, they’d do the same with lawn care so that’s kind of the lightening that we saw to get the ball rolling on this idea," said Gene Caballero, the Co-Founder of GreenPal.

The GreenPal app is free to download on your device’s app store.

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