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Grand Floates Parade highlights a week of West Tennessee Strawberry Festival activities



The week of festivities for the 85th west tennessee strawberry festival culminated with the grand floats parade today!

Thousands came from all over West Tennessee and the county to enjoy the day!

And everybody's got their own favorite part of the festival.”

“Man the food man, I love it. Food man. The Crowd, the fans, nothing like it, man. I love it. I love it," said Braxton

“My favorite part of the festival is eating! I love the food and I love the activities," said Chris Williams.

Stacey Williams added, “And I think my part is the Clydesdales horses. I love them!”

Ellie said, “Snow cones!”

And Zoe added, “the parade!”

“Getting the candy," said Riley.

For Tesla, it's, “The horses.”

“Besides the food, I love the bands of the bands," said Adria.

Jaleigh said, “I like the rides.”

The businesses in Humboldt love the festival too.

“Of course, we see the revenue. It really brings dollars into the community, which is very important. It also gives me the ability to be able to invest back into the community by making this experience better…I would say that probably it's doubles what we're doing and we're kind of teetering on a tripling what we normally would do in a typical week," said Justin Romero owner of The Coffee Shop.

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