Grain Bags Left in Greenfield Community Over 3 Years Now Causing Environmental Problems

Greenfield, TN. (WNBJ)-

The grain bags behind me have been sitting here for three years. About a year ago they started to burst and created a smell that forced the Greenfield community to take to social media. Will Burton (Greenfield Resident) stated, “we’ve both contacted our local Department of Agriculture guy that is supposed to handle stuff like this. I talked to him about 6 weeks ago, and um… kinda got the run around until some light got shone on it from social media.”

This Facebook post sparked conversations on social media about the grain bags that sit on property across the street from Will Burton's home in Greenfield. He tells me the bags really didn't bother him until they started giving off an awful odor and created some environmental problems. Will Burton (Greenfield Resident) informs us, “my neighbor and myself both have seen dead birds, dead squirrels, scattered around over there where they’ve eaten that stuff.”

We did reach out to the grain bag and property owner Donald Perkins who refused to speak on camera but did tell me off camera that he believes he is not in any type of violation. We also contacted the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, a spokesperson says, by law, the department is not required to clean the mess or to force the property owner to get rid of the grain bags. But representatives from the Department of Agriculture have checked out the property and contacted the owner about the problem. Neighbors tell us the property owner promised to have the grain bags cleared away by April, now they only hope he keeps that promise.

Makayla Davis

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