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Governor Lee Signs New Billion Dollar Transportation Bill in Jackson Tennessee

JACKSON, Tn.-Governor Lee made a stop in Jackson during his transportation tour to sign “The Transportation Modernization Act”. This new 3.3-billion-dollar bill will be used to create solutions for traffic congestion and provide more funding to invest into communities. A total of $194 million has been invested in Jackson. State leaders believe that this bill will improve the quality of life for all Tennesseans.

“The signing of the transportation modernization act, which will allow for funding for roads and bridges and highways all across the state to keep our state moving. One of the fastest growing states in the country, one of the fastest performing economies in the country,” said Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee.

Senator William Hagerty tells 39 News why he believes Tennessee has become one of the fastest growing states in the U.S.

“It's because we have a huge logistics advantage, well located amongst all states in the nation. and we need to take advantage of the fact that we can transport more goods and more products than any other nation in the region.”

Governor Lee explains why this project is beneficial to the people of Tennessee.

“The amount of growth, the number of jobs that are going to be created, the amount of people that will move into the area. all of those things will require infrastructure and require new roads, new bridges, infrastructure of water and sewer. Those are the kinds of things that we need to be investing in in the state. and that's what this is about.”

The new additional lanes will be called “Choice Lanes”. Drivers will be able to make a choice to use the existing lanes or pay a user fee to enter the new lanes. The difference between a “Choice Lane” versus a toll lane is that you get to choose. Pricing is used to control the lane usage. Choice Lanes will operate at an average of 50 mph during rush hour.

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