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Golden Years Adult Daycare in Jackson celebrates major milestones

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The Golden Years Adult Daycare is celebrating some major milestones today.

The cake was cut, balloons hung, and a soulful singing selection for the lady of the hour, Ms. Helen Robinson celebrating her 101st birthday at the adult daycare.

Family members and friends gathered for the momentous occasion. Ms. Helen was grateful to be able to celebrate her birthday.

“I feel the same way, I said birthdays, are just a number and it was God’s wish that I made it this far," said Helen Robinson.

The staff at the facility wanted to make Ms. Helen’s day every special.

Brenda Douglas started the adult daycare after 30 plus years of experience in the health and medical industry.

The Golden Year facility is a labor of love for the owner and she strives to create a safe haven for the elderly community.

“We do provide a loving family environment and so that the loved ones will know that they are at home even when they are away from home,” said Brenda Douglas, the owner of Golden Years Adult Daycare.

Golden Years Adult Daycare is also celebrating its anniversary.

The facility has been open for three years and they look forward to celebrating many more.

Everyone at WNBJ is wishing Ms. Helen a Happy 101st Birthday.

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