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Girl Scout Gold Award Project brings a new addition to Madison Academic


Today students at Madison Academic gathered to see the unveiling of a new addition to their school.

The twelve-foot Mustang statue was Amanda Smith’s Girl Scout Gold project, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. And it was no easy task.

"It took me the whole summer and then some for planning and took over four-hundred hours to complete," Amanda Smith said.

Her mom Amy Amith said, “She's spent this summer, most of all, this summer at this shop, bending, cutting, metal, fabric measuring… I'm really impressed with her vision, her artistic ability, staying with it.”

Amanda’s family weren’t the only ones impressed by the statue.

“When her horse revealed, tears came to my eyes…it makes me feel really proud and honored to be a girl scout," said Girl Scout Troop 40105 leader Dee Dee Rives.

Amanda wanted to build this statue at Madison to promote arts and education.

"It's also a way to show that art in education is also very important. I do really hope that it does inspire people to pursue and hopefully get involved with art." Amanda said.

Amanda graduated from Madison Academic and is now pursuing a visual art major as a freshman at UT Martin.

“It is a gift to madison academic and a message to, I guess, everyone that art is a valid and good career path," Amanda said.

Amanda’s project will be considered by a committee to see if it will earn her the gold award.

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