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Gas thieves strike McNairy County Man

Selmer, TN. (WNBJ)-

Gas prices are on the rise again. But the increase in gas prices are not the only concern residents have. As gas quickly reaches the $5 a gallon mark, residents are now concerned about gas thieves. While gas bandits come around every time gas prices hit a new high, McNairy County resident David Dorris was not expecting to be a target. David Dorris (David Dorris Logging Owner) stated, “we noticed a guy—our camera phones send pictures to our telephones. So, it told us somebody had been there. We investigated the camera’s and saw the film of the guy trying to steal diesel from our diesel tank.”

Cameras on the facility caught this footage of a resident attempting to steal diesel fuel… Dorris is the owner of David Dorris Logging Company and says this was not the first attempt someone has made to steal fuel or equipment from his property. David Dorris (David Dorris Logging Owner) told 39 News, “people just pick up anything that’s not tied down. Especially in a fuel situation.”

David told me he will never understand why someone would scoop so low. David Dorris (David Dorris Logging Owner) explained, “my oldest daughter wrote a post or something saying, daddy would have given him money for gas if he needed it. He didn’t have to steal it.”

A police report was filed and a representative from the McNairy County Sheriff’s Office says, at the moment, they have no suspects or leads. Dorris tells me the increase in gas prices is already affecting business as it is, but gas thieves might be enough to take his business under.

Makayla Davis

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