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Gas prices hit above 3 dollars

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Gas prices have hit the $3.00 mark. Next time you go to fill up your tank. You could be looking to pay a little bit more than what you are used to paying.

Madison County residents are not thrilled about this increase. COVID-19 put many residents in a financial crisis. Increasing prices on essential items like food and gas is the last thing residents want to see. Amy Fry (Madison County Resident) told 39 News, “The cost of living is already high enough. Now the rise in gas just makes it worse.” Where it did take 30, now it takes 50 to fill my car up.”

Some residents have even taken on more jobs to afford the increase. Tyler Williamson (Madison County Resident) stated, “I’m putting $20 in my gas tank in my car every two days, and it’s taking a toll on me. Having me find more jobs and things to do in order to put gas in my tank.”

Fry and Williamson are not the only residents effected by this increase. This resident who owns happy times and hooker farms travels daily to local events, and this increase is taking a huge toll on business. Lorri Porter (Happy Times & Hooker Farms Owner) informed us, “we’re having to add a sir charge on all of the events that we are doing. Because if we don’t then we won’t be able to stay in business. A couple of years ago, I could fill up my tank for around $60. Look at what it is today.”

During the covid-19 shutdown less people were traveling, and gas prices dropped drastically. Now that people are back in the full swing of things prices have increased quickly. stated, Tyler Williamson (Madison County Resident)

“Due to the fact that I noticed during COVID the gas prices went down. I hope there is another shutdown.”

Makayla Davis

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