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Future West Tennessee Farmers Enjoy Ag Day Filled with Fun and Farming

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. - The Chester County 4-H Club and Chester County UT Extension of the Institute of Agriculture is partnering together to bring the future farmers of west Tennessee two days of fun and farming.

“So, the way we do it here in Chester County, we have all of our community, our 4-Her’s they come out, they bring their own animals, they bring their own family farm equipment, they do all the teaching to the students.”

4-H youth development agent Kamryn Tyler is proud of the way Chester County celebrates Ag Day.

Ag Day is celebrated every year all over Tennessee, but Chester County takes pride in its student driven Ag Day.

4-H students get the chance to be outside and teach other students about agricultural animals and equipment.

“Students going on the bus, and driving by all these types of farms, and some of them are like, ‘I wish I could just see a cow in person!’ so, this just gives them the perfect hands-on experience, they get to learn more about these animals, they get to learn about if they want to be involved in something like that, whether it’s owning their own animal or helping out with those types of animals.”

Around five hundred Chester County students were able to ride a horse, eat homemade ice cream, and pet little goats and calves.

If you would like to spend more time outside this summer, you can check out the UT Extension - Chester County on Facebook for upcoming events.

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