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Fun, Freedom and Fellowship were shared by over 3000 at the inaugural "First Amendment Festival"


Fun, freedom and fellowship were shared by over 3000 on Saturday, as "The Freedom Forum” hosted it’s inaugural First Amendment Festival at Discovery Park of America.

“We think the first amendment is an important component of American life. The freedom of speech, the freedom of press, religion, assembly, and petition are something that all Americans should know and celebrate," said Jonathan Thompson the Chief Outreach Officer for The Freedom Forum.

Celebrating the first amendment and educating the public on their rights is what the nonpartisan, non-profit organization is all about. Thompson explained, “Our mission is to foster first amendment freedoms for all americans.”

The free event featured education areas, a walk of fame filled with celebrates who notably used their first amendment rights, a conversation with fox news anchor Bret Baier and a performace by the Gatlin brothers.

All to celebrate the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, free speech, the right to assembly and the right to petition.

“It's a really important component of American life, really, that that lets people express what they believe in and hold their deepest beliefs without fear that the government is going to intrude on those beliefs," Thompson said.

Everyone at the First Amendment Festival may have their differences, but they can agree on one thing they love the first amendment.

“How we want to talk, how we want worship…that’s the definition of freedom," said Kevin Jennings.

“Well, I'm grateful that we have it. I'm grateful that all of those men, all of those centuries ago, thought of it. And I'm very happy. And I just hope we can protect it," Sue Watkins said.

And Discovery Park of America's CEO Scott William agrees, "It's really important that we not only know the five freedoms of the first amendment, but we know how to use them and apply them in the things that we try to accomplish.”

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