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Friendly Frank's Flea Market returns and vendors are thankful

Officials with Friendly Franks Flea Market announced that the market is returning to the Jackson Fairgrounds in November.

City of Jackson Mayor, Scott Conger, made the decision to close large venues due to COVID-19 concerns but now is allowing some to reopen, with rules.

“We’re gonna have stations of hand sanitizing, stations that will be set up around the facility as you walk in and around the perimeter of the facility masks will be required to come inside the facility", says Director of the Jackson Fairgrounds Park, John Robert Mehr, II.

Mehr also mentioned that their will be no food or drink inside the facility. The concessions will not open, but they are having food vendors outside where customers can purchase food outdoors.

The Market usually see’s thousands of people throughout the weekend giving vendors lots of business.

“Well you know every first of the month of the month we go to the Flea Market and that was a supplement to our income, it’s just like starting all over again, says owner of Brenda's Classy Corner Boutique, Brenda Boles.

Boles has brought her business to the Flea Market for two years, like many other vendors at the flea market it brought in a lot of money.

“But with it shutting down, it was just a tragic shutting down. A lot of people, including us we got behind on stuff, because of that", says co-owner of the boutique, Raymond Boles.

“Cause each month the lady that is over it, Peggy, would let us know we can’t do it this month, we cant do it that month, so when she sent a text saying you know they’re letting us come back", adds Brenda.

Boles mentioned although the Flea Market was closed she was able to set up at pop up shops around Jackson and surrounding towns which helped her make ends meet.

Brenda and Raymond are now wanting to give back to the community for helping them get through the pandemic so far by giving away free clothes.

The Fairgrounds will also house a Gun and Knife Show in mid November.

Imani Williams for 39 news in Jackson.

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