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Ford Grants One Million to Non-Profits


The Ford Motor company fund is announcing a new program to strengthen and improve local communities in West Tennessee.

As West Tennessee is the home to Blue Oval City, Ford’s new electric vehicle and battery manufacturing location.

The one million in grants will be available for nonprofits in West Tennessee.

These include nonprofits in counties such as Haywood, Fayette, Tipton, Lauderdale, Shelby, and Madison.

Director of the Salvation Army Mark Cancia shares how this can help one of their services, the pathway of hope.

“We work with both the parent and the child on things that might affect them, whether it be education, or finances, or understanding who’s in their social network so they can live a life that is full.”

88 cents out of every dollar that goes towards the Salvation Army stays in West Tennessee to help someone in need.

Salvation army volunteer Samantha Tebbetts has personally benefited from the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army helped her find housing for her and her children.

She shares how generosity to this nonprofit can help other people who are in the situation she was in.

“It can get people out of the rut they’re in because they think they’re stuck there.”

Cancia shares his excitement for the opportunities to give back that will come with the opening of Blue Oval City.

“We’re excited that Ford is coming in and that more people will be coming into our community, because that just means more impact that we get to make.”

A donation from Blue Oval city can mean a lot to nonprofits such as the salvation army and the community of Jackson. In Jackson, Sinahi Carrizales, 39 news.

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