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Ford BlueOval City Mega Campus set to Manufacture New Ford F-150 Lightning

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Michael Chambliss (Golden Circle Ford General Sales Manager) says, “today is just a great day, because it’s day one of production. They are finally starting production of the f-150 lightning today.”

Ford began production for its first ever all electric pick-up truck today and sales for the model are already breaking records says Golden Circle General Sales Manager Michael Chambliss. Michael Chambliss (Golden Circle Ford General Sales Manager) explained, “Ford has over 200,000 sold orders. We have a good amount of them here.”

We would love to give you a firsthand look at the truck, but due to the high volume of preorders no ford dealerships in America even have a model to show customers today. The new advanced features are a huge selling point for many consumers. Michael Chambliss (Golden Circle Ford General Sales Manager) told 39 news, “the lightning has a lot of standard features like a truck, but with not having an internal combustion engine in the front. One of the biggest differences is what they call a frunk.”

Michael say’s the frunk can store up to 400 cubic feet, but that isn’t the only feature that is attracting customers. With gas prices at nearly $4 a gallon an electric pick-up truck would save drivers hundreds in gas. Michael Chambliss (Golden Circle Ford General Sales Manager) stated, “the vehicle will charge overnight. So, you’re looking at pennies on an electric bill vs. Going and spending, I mean now to go fill up a truck maybe $100 or more.”

The pick-up truck is already catching the eye of some big names. President Joe Biden was even pictured test driving the new model. Ford dealerships are hoping to have this model in within the next couple months.

Makayla Davis

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