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For the first Madison Academic Softball team has their own field!


Last year Madison Academic Highschool’s Softball team didn’t have it's own field.

“We had to travel everywhere. And so starting in May last year, we got permission from Lambeth to start building,” Head Coach Audra Yates said.

Once they got permission, that’s when the real work began Yates said, “We had debris up to our hips at times you could not see the fence at all. There was no dirt. The dugouts needed new roofs.”

Yates, her parents and many more worked to get the field ready for the Mustangs.

“We've had a ton of sponsors. They've been willing to step in, whether it's been giving money, whether it's been giving their time to come work on the field. We had many, many, many field workdays in the heat and in the freezing cold," Yates said.

Emotions were high as the ribbon was cut and the Mustangs took the field for the first time, "I'm just really excited for my girls to have them. And it's emotional because I'm happy for them. It's just been a long time coming and I'm i'm really happy, genuinely happy that they're getting the attention that they deserve.”

Madison academic fans are happy to finally be able to root for the home team!

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