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Food Truck Fridays in Jackson

JACKSON, Tn.-It's Food Truck Friday here in Jackson, Tennessee, and the locals are eating it up. several vendors set up downtown to feed the hungry crowd. 39 News talked to some of the vendors and the locals about their Food Truck Friday experience.

“The most rewarding part is just, you know, knowing that. We're giving out quality food to people and seeing them enjoy it, you know, it just brings the satisfaction that we get. You know, in another way,” said Susan Eaton, Eaton’s Hot Diggity Dogs owner.

“This is our first one. so we're definitely excited to be joining in every Friday, hopefully, and get more businesses down here and expand some more feet from our location and from our restaurant, too,” said Matt Hopper, Does Eat Place general manager.

One Jacksonian told 39 News what she enjoys most about Food Truck Fridays.

“I think it's just fun to, like, have like, you know, it's going to be going on every Friday. we can come here. there's going to be a couple of different food options. I think it's fun, maybe even to to kind of sample. so to get like one thing from one and another from another trip just to kind of spread the love as well,” said Lisa Garner.

Food Truck Fridays began this month and will continue through November from 10-2pm. Vendors will be set up at the West Tennessee Farmers Market located on 91 Market Street in Jackson.

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