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Food delivery service launching new program to help drivers deal with high gas prices

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - With elevated gas prices still affecting many people across the country, some of the people that are feeling the hit the most are food delivery drivers.

Waitr is one food delivery service working to help its drivers combat high gas prices. Officials with Waitr talked to 39 News about its new GasCard program aimed to help support its drivers.

“I would say for sure when the gas prices started going up there was a lot of there was a lot of hesitation in the driver pool,” said Chris Barnes, the Director of Driver Experience with Waitr.

Waitr has implemented a new GasCard program, giving drivers a percentage off on gas at all major gas stations.

“What we have now is a specific GasCard program. So, a driver can earn money on our platform by taking deliveries and they can transfer that over into a prepaid master card that’s good at all major gas stations. When they do that, they immediately get five percent back. A five percent bonus for purchasing the gas card,” said Barnes.

AAA says drivers are starting to see some relief at the pump but gas prices are still high compared to other years.

“Taking a look at gas prices, thankfully, in the last couple of weeks, we have some good news here in Tennessee. So last week was the first time in about three weeks that we actually fell below the four dollars per gallon mark in our Tennessee state average," said Megan Cooper, the TN Public and Government Relations Consultant with AAA - The Auto Club Group.

AAA explains what drivers are seeing at the pump in Jackson.

“So, the metro average for Jackson today is $3.92. So, Jackson, as of today, is the fourth most expensive metro in the state. While you are not the most expensive, you are not the least expensive,” said Cooper.

AAA says the gas market is so volatile right now and as we approach the summer months gas prices could continue to be elevated since the demand for gas normally increases as more people begin to travel during the summer.

For food delivery drivers AAA suggests some tips to save at the pump.

“Take advantage of things like a fuel rewards program. Another thing you can do is take a look at your driving habits and try to combine errands if you can. Avoid driving in rush hour and if you are paying at the pump some stations will actually offer a cash discount so consider paying in cash,” said Cooper.

For more information on gas prices and how to save money at the pump, visit AAA's website.

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