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Flu Numbers are at a record low during the pandemic

This time of year is when the flu virus is at its peak, but the pandemic has changed that.

According to health experts, the flu has vanished in the united states with lower numbers than anything seen in decades.

“There’s been a dramatic decrease in the number of patients that have had the flu this year,” said Dr. Reginique Green from Christ Community Health Services.

Dr. Green, along with other physicians, credits the CDC’s guidelines.

“And it’s really due to our practices and infectious control.”

The measures citizens have been encouraged to take also reduced the spread of the Flu.

“We are washing our hands, social distancing, wearing masks, and those things don’t merely prevent covid spread, but they also prevent the spread of influenza.”

When it comes to the number of flu patients christ community health saw this year compared to last year, there is a significant decline.

“Yes, we’ve had over fifty percent decline in cases in the flu.

Green says, before the pandemic, that data was unheard of. But when people take proper health precautions, it reduces illnesses.

“And it really is unheard of. most people who spread the flu its because they’re in close contact, or they’re not social distancing.”

The flu has long been the nation’s largest infectious threat. Dr. Green encourages people to continue their routine of following the CDC guidelines.

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