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Floral Cakes Bakery Reopens and Observes MLK Day

JACKSON, Tenn. - Floral Cakes Bakery hosted a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration with live music by local artist Rita Nicole Perry.

Perry is a Jackson born and raised singer/songwriter and a special needs teacher.

She was excited to play in downtown Jackson on a special day.

“It’s huge to be able to be honored to play today and to not only be standing in a Jackson business that has welcomed me with loving arms, miss Genevieve, but to be in an African American female owned business is just mind blowing.”

Perry calls Dr. King’s legacy an inspiration for her music.

“And I feel so special and so honored to continue to spread joy and love because that’s what he did, and that lesson alone can carry us so far.”

Genevieve Dupree is the owner of Floral Cakes Bakery.

She believes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was the right day to reopen her bakery after closing for the holiday season.

“This really stands out to me because of the fact that I am African American and we’re celebrating this day. It just lets me know that anything really is possible and if there are barriers, you have to find a way to get around them, it can happen.”

Dupree invites anyone craving dessert to swing by the Floral Cakes Bakery at east Lafayette Street in downtown Jackson.

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