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Flood Warnings have Madison County and Surrounding Areas on High Alert

Friendship, TN. (WNBJ)

The Jackson Police Department is alerting the community minor flooding is expected in the Forked Deer River. The river is expected to rise above flood stage late this evening to a crest of 35.0 feet tomorrow morning. A couple miles past the river two sales associates at Farmer’s Daughter, Kirstin Metcalfe and Macy Henderson are worried what the stores proximity to the river could mean for business. Macy Henderson (farmer’s daughter sales associate) stated, “since this location there hasn’t really been this type of hard rain, and so much rain. So, we are watching out for our customers.”

The rain has caused trouble in both their commutes to work. Kirstin Metcalfe living close to the forked deer river is hoping the river will not flood the roads like it has in past years. Kirstin Metcalfe (farmer’s daughter sales associate) informed us, “I live near the forked deer river boat ramp so, I mean if it floods down that road, I won’t be able to be here.”

For most businesses when this type of weather comes the first thing that goes is electricity. Macy Henderson (farmer’s daughter sales associate) emphasized, “actually, I saw it flicker a couple times today, but I think our electrical companies around here are pretty faithful to their work and they’ll get it back on pretty quick.”

The Jackson Energy Authority is already proving to be faithful to their work. Steve Bowers communications manager say’s they are prepared for the worst. Steve Bowers (Jackson Energy Authority Communications Manager) explained, “our preparation is making sure our crews are ready, trucks are equipped, everything is ready to go for whatever we may need.”

Makayla Davis

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