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Flood Ready TN pushes for statewide plan to reduce flooding across the state

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Flood Ready Tennessee is a coalition of elected officials, emergency managers, and homeowners, that are pushing state leaders to develop a comprehensive, statewide flood resilience plan to reduce the damage from future flood events.

Flood Ready says flooding is a costly and life-threatening disaster that is happening more frequently.

The organization says between 2000-2020, there were 2,825 flood events in Tennessee, which is an average of one flood event every three days.

Flood Ready explains its efforts to lessen the impact of flooding across the state.

“That’s why the statewide plan is needed to clear the communication, stack grants where we are able to stack grants. Bring everyone to the table together. So that citizens, the local governments, the economic development folks can all be on the same page and working in the same direction together,” said Amanda Maples, a homeowner, and member of Flood Ready Tennessee.

Flood Ready Tennessee says floods are the most predictable natural disaster and forming a plan to combat flooding in the state would save taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

They say this statewide plan will help Tennessee grow economically and keep people safe.

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