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Flag day celebrated in Jackson



Many gathered at Liberty Park in Jackson to honor the stars and stripes and everything it stands for.

Hugh Culver said, “People died fighting for this flag…it's important veterans feel real strong right toward the flag…it's a symbol known all over the world.”

Hugh Culver of the American Legion Post 12 organized the event in partnership with keep Jackson beautiful, the city of Jackson, and Madison county.

Marine Corps veteran FrenCHerry Miller believes that flag day is a day to take time to honor what the American flag represents, “I think flag day is extremely important because it just reminds us of you know the cornerstone of how America began. And this is our symbol that we can always pledge allegiance to.”

Miller says that today is a day to remember and honor those that fight for the freedom the flag represents, “Even though i didn't pay the ultimate price, I served my country. And it's extremely important to serve a nation that is going to give back and that's why we're out here today. And to recognize the ones that have come before us, the ones that are serving now and the ones that will serve in the future.”

During the event, the Vietnam Veterans Honor Guard performed the flag ceremony and explained the symbolism of all thirteen folds.

The flags lining the freedom walking trail in remembrance of those fallen and in honor of those who continue the fight for our liberty and freedom will be displayed until the 19th

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