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First Temporary Speed Hump Installed in North Jackson

JACKSON, Tn.-This morning the city of Jackson completed the first installation of temporary speed humps on Windale Drive. 39 News was able to speak with the resident who submitted the application for her neighborhood.

“We are very excited here because we get so much traffic through here and hopefully this speed hump will help slow this traffic down, particularly with the children in the neighborhood playing it, slow this traffic down to keep them safe,” explained Linda Reaves.

Reaves has lived in this neighborhood 28 years and she explains that speeding has been an issue for quite some time.

“One of my neighbors that lives next door to me told me came up one day. He said, you almost just got your mailbox taken out because somebody hit the curb too quickly. But luckily, they missed the mailbox. But it was a close call. And I've seen cars go in through the curve up there and they take that curve so fast they hit it and they fishtail back in their cars. So, it's that bad.” said Linda.

In order to receive a temporary speed hump for your neighborhood, at least 67% of residents on your street have to sign and agree. Reaves tells 39 News about her experience obtaining signatures from her neighbors.

“Everybody on this particular street was very cooperative. We only had two residents that did not want to sign, but for the most part, we almost got 100% for our street. Everybody was very cooperative,” explained Linda Reaves.

If you are interested in getting a speed hump in your neighborhood, you can contact the engineering department at 731-425-8220 or visit

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