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JACKSON, Tn.- First United Methodist church opens its mission center to the homeless. The church has partnered with Area Relief Ministries to provide shelter for homeless men in the Jackson area. This all began with the Room In The Inn initiative that started in Nashville Tennessee.

“Room in The Inn began several years ago in Nashville. A Roman Catholic priest, Father Charles Strobel, began Room in The Inn, and he was burdened with how much of the homeless population didn't have a safe place to say or place to eat, particularly when the weather was bad.” says Senior Pastor Mccracken of First Methodist church.

Pastor McCracken explains that First Methodist has been a part of Room in The Inn for years. Resulting in the program ultimately needing more space

“We had used our gymnasium. And one of the problems that we realized was that whenever we were hosting room at the in a lot of other things, that the church couldn't be going on at the same time and so we knew we needed a space that was dedicated for that, that would both give those who were our guest at room in the inn some privacy, as well as allow other church activities to continue as normal.”

The pastor says the newly renovated space has been open for about 6 months, and anyone looking for shelter here will have to go through a small application process.

“The best what we advise people to do is go to Area Relief ministries is they do a short interview with you and learn a little bit about you, and that is how they determine how much room is needed in a particular evening forum and sometimes have to do that on multiple sides.”

Pastor Mccraken encourages people and organizations to possibly donate a meal or their time by staying overnight with guest. people who may be looking for shelter or looking to volunteer can visit Area Relief ministries at 108 S Church street.

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