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JACKSON,Tn.- Some heavy topics were brought up at the first mayoral debate hosted by news talk 96.5. T hings like infrastructure, crime rate, and city funding were hot issues. candidates also talked about their plans for the city of Jackson.

“One of the things I want to do is bring transparency and fairness to city hall. I mean, city hall has been through a lot in my time here, there has been a lot going on in city hall, and I want to bring back fairness and dignity to city hall,” said candidate Daryl Hubbard.

“So, what I would want the people to know is that I'm not a politician. but I do feel the call to be a public servant. and in order to do that, i need to know what the people want. and that way we can meet their needs with dignity, with accountability, and with honesty. That way we can be a mayor for all the people of Jackson, not just a certain few,” said candidate Roy Condray.

“Well, my main focal point would be wanting to ensure successful outcomes for all of our children. Secondly, I want to make sure we have safe, livable neighborhoods where individuals can live freely and feel comfortable where they are. And thirdly, I'd like to be able to have fueled Jackson's economic status so that all of the Jacksonians can have a greater quality of life,” said candidate Jerry woods.

“I just want to ask the community to consider me when they vote on May 2nd. If you're not registered to vote, please do. it is your right; it is your responsibility. and at this point, I've talked to some people that say, what is the use? nothing is going to change. so, I'm asking that you give me this election at this point, do you have anything to lose,

or do you have everything to gain?” said candidate Lisa Williams-Lyons.

“I think it's great to hear from the candidates. I think there were some issues tonight that some of the candidates could probably get a little more education on to understand, and so there's some mischaracterization and misunderstanding of some of the facts and some of the things that are going on. But overall, it's great to hear ideas and great to hear, you know, 5 people get on a stage and talk about how they want to make Jackson better and so that's what we're all here for,” said mayor Scott Conger.

6 candidates were invited to take part in the debate but only 5 were present. Mayoral candidate Paul Sherrod was not there. The next mayoral debate will be April 4th at Jackson State Community College.

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