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First Macaron Shop Opens in Downtown Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. - If you love macarons, you won’t have to leave the city to grab a bright color shelled treat.

The city’s first ever macaron shop, Sprinkle Me Sugar, opens today in downtown Jackson with different flavor macarons for you to choose from.

“It’s just exciting to bring something super feminine and exciting like a macaron/tea shop where women can come and have tea with their daughters or with a girl friend, and have a space that’s just, again, just helps them slow down and savor their moments.”

Sprinkle Me Sugar owner Raina Shults shares she was inspired on her five-year wedding anniversary trip to Paris with her husband.

She fell in love with the culture and cuisines and wanted to learn more by bringing that inspiration with her back home.

She started baking macarons in her home and tells us these little treats are harder to bake than they may look.

“Macarons are a very finicky convection, so the shells are probably the hardest part about making a macaron and it’s just perfecting all the different elements that can make them split so there is a technique that is very complicated, it just takes a lot of practice, it actually takes over 24 hours to make a macaron.”

Shults features art, honey, vintage tea sets, and flowers from local businesses as well.

The hot tea she serves is from My Cup of Tea in Memphis that is owned and operated by women to help other women have financial independence.

You can check out Sprinkle Me Sugar at 202 West Lafayette Street.

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