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First Friday Forum reflexes on Black history in Jackson and Madison Co.

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The Jackson Madison County Bicentennial Commission hosted another First Friday Forum today focusing on black history month.

“And so, when you think about it those people worked, they labored, they never got any reward, but today we are their reward. We live the lives that they dreamt of,” said Dr. Logan Hampton, the President at Lane College.

Dr. Hampton, the President of Lane College and keynote speaker at the First Friday luncheon reflexes on Black history.

“That we had a struggle, that we have had some trials and tribulations, but we have had great triumphs and we’ve overcome together. We have a great future ahead of us,” said Dr. Hampton.

He talks about one of those triumphs being the conception of Lane College.

“We have had folks that were fresh out of slavery, Bishop Lane. He comes out of slavery and opens up an institution of higher learning. I mean how do you do that? What manner of man or woman is that that would conceive of such? They put their shoulder to the pow to begin that kind of work,” said Dr. Hampton.

One of the attendees at the luncheon was a senior business major and Miss Lane College, Mia Townsend.

Townsend says sharing stories of the past is important for the future.

“For me, Black history is a big deal considering that I am a Black woman. My grandmother is 83, which means that she was in segregation so just hearing her stories is a very big deal,” said Dr. Hampton.

The next First Friday Luncheon will be Friday, March 4th at the First Methodist Church in downtown Jackson.

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