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Fireworks may cost more this year but that isn't stopping the celebration for Independence Day


Inflation is affecting the price of pretty much everything and fireworks are no exception, but that’s not stopping people from the independence day weekend with a bang.

“We try to keep our prices as close to. We had them last year. We're not looking to make a whole lot of profit, we’re just trying to get affordable fireworks for everyone," said Triston Cook of Capital Fireworks.

Last year supply chain issues made certain fireworks hard to come by. Triston cook says that things are better this year, “The majority of things are better this year, which we have plenty of products which we may still sell out like we have previously, but we have plenty. But there are a few things there's been a shortage on and stuff."

The problem they are facing this year is inflation Cook says, “there has been inflation getting them in from distributors and stuff like that. But we just we're just trying to keep them affordable for everybody. And we had to lose a little bit. We lose a little bit, but it's, it's worth it to us.”

But Capital Fireworks has had to increase their prices a little bit.

"Something’s gone up $10 or so of the bigger things, but most the little stuff's exactly the same. It says there's a little bit, but everything's gone up a little bit," said Cook.

Some counties do not allow fireworks to be shot off the ground so make sure you know the laws before you buy.

Customers can expect to spend more on fireworks this year but Capital fireworks isn't going to let sky-high prices kill the fun of the weekend.

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