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FDA defers convalescent plasma donations from COVID-19 vaccine recipients

Giving convalescent plasma is something health officials continue to recommend for people that have had COVID-19, but once you get the vaccine that guidance changes.

The Food and Drug administration is not allowing the acceptance of convalescent plasma from COVID-19 vaccine recipients.

The plasma has helped thousands of people across the state suffering from COVID-19.

“So if you were going to come in and give a COVID convalescent plasma donation because you’ve had COVID, to give to those patients in the hospital. You can not do that once you’ve been vaccinated, for now", says marketing manager at Life Line Blood Services, Caitlin Roach.

The antibodies from the vaccine are a little different from antibodies formed when someone has COVID-19, which is why the FDA put out this guidance.

Life Line Blood Services has collected nearly 300 units of convalescent plasma since April and have 500 donors registered to give.

“There is still a ton of people who are not, to receive the vaccine yet. So, there will still be a large population who has had COVID who has not been vaccinated who can come give CCP, to help those who are really ill with COVID", adds Roach.

The FDA may lift this restriction, but in the mean time health officials are asking people to give plasma while they can.

Blood donations are still accepted even if the donor received the COVID-19 vaccine.

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