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Fayette County Neighborhood Recovers from Severe Storms

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. -Fayette County suffered rounds of severe storms over the weekend.

Residents have reported fall trees and power outages.

Saturday afternoon around five pm, strong storms hit Fayette County.

This neighborhood especially received strong storm damage.

Storms continued throughout the night into Sunday, and many people were left without power until the next day.

Most residents had trees fall, branches broken, and power lost.

Many reported trees falling on their yards, and some even had trees fall on the roofs of their homes.

Roads and streets inside and outside of the neighborhood were covered in leaves, branches, and other debris.

Most roads and streets have been cleared, but some are still being cleaned up today.

This neighborhood is just about five minutes away from the Fayette County courthouse, and just down the road on Old Jackson Road.

Chickasaw Electric Company reports mostly all power has been restored.

It is working hard to take care of all the reported lost power.

No injuries have been reported due to the storms.

The neighborhood is recovering and cleaning up, little by little.

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