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Family-Owned Shoe Store Closing in Humboldt

JACKSON, Tn.-Simmon’s Shoe Store first opened its doors in 1917 on Main Street in Humboldt Tennessee. The store was originally owned by A.P Simmons, a local cobbler. The wife of Simmon’s grandson Lucy Allison has been part owner of Simmons Shoes since the 1960’s.

“We used to have buses that would come in. They were nice customers. Most of them were from Memphis. A lot of them were church groups. Some were family reunions sometime, would come in, bring a bus in, times change and now the buying got different in the selling got different. And people are now buying online and everything's different.” says Lucy Allison.

After the store announced its closing, many community members were sad to see it go. Over the last couple of days many customers have come in to shop and say their final goodbyes.

“The second day that we started our going out of business sale, we had a beautiful couple from Memphis come just to tell us that they were sorry we were closing. And she hugged me and cried, and it made me cry.” explained Lucy.

One shopper remembers when her mom and her friend used to travel to Humboldt to shop at Simmons Shoe store.

“I think it was every year they would leave Middle Tennessee, travel to Humboldt, come to Simmons shoes when they had their big sale going on by six or seven pairs of shoes and come home with new pairs of shoes. And they were just thrilled to death. They loved it.” said Sonja Stone

Simmons shoe store has been owned and operated by Lucy and her son Bob Deloach, grandson of A.P Simmons for over 60 years. They explained that they have loved the journey but it's time for a new chapter. All items at Simmons Shoe store are now 30% off and the store is expected to close by Sept.30.

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